Who We Are

The Uprising is a large scale dance party featuring extreme sports athletes, performers, and a massive paint fight. But there’s more to it than that. We decided we needed a rallying point, a celebration for everyone who’s been defeated or beaten down, everyone who needs a change. It’s the culmination of personal revolutions, a place where people can come together to revolt and start to become who they want to be. And It doesn’t end at the end of the party. The Uprising is about living an empowered life.

How We Rise Up

Thousands of participants start dressed in white in a blacked out warehouse. They are an army with flags, banners, and eccentric costumes. As they make their way in, the music and the dancing starts, local performers, from trapeze artists to BMX bikers, add to the excitement. Black lights and dance light start to illuminate the area as fluorescent paint-filled squirt guns are handed out. Soon paint is coming from every direction. As the colored paint fills reaches out around the room, the army sees the bright hope in their own personal revolutions. They are ready for change.

Why You Should Join Us

Since the Uprisings’ humble beginnings as an underground rebellion party in an old bus depot four years ago, we have grown exponentially with events in multiple states. At each Uprising thousands of people come from all over the country, and even internationally to join the movement. The Uprising is an event people talk about all year, and your company and product can be part of what made the Uprising the best event they have ever attended.

Who We Fight For 

We don’t believe we can rise up alone; revolution is a group endeavor. We help peoplefight their own battles by supporting local charities. We fight and celebrate in a show ofsupport for each other and for those who cannot dance, but are still fighting. Uprisingevents symbolize the fight against all kinds of struggles from breast cancer to domesticabuse. In our fight, we try to help people rise up and take their own lives back. Join usin supporting them.

Who We’ve Fought For

We have worked with various charities in the past but particularly like to team up with local charities where we can contribute not just money but volunteers. Here are some of the charities we’ve teamed up with in the past:

  • Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (ww5.komen.org): This foundation is dedicated to education and research about breast cancer causes, treatment, and the search for a cure.
  • Sygis (Synaptic Global Impact Foundation): This foundation focused on sending money directly to those who need it from all over Asia.
  • Family Crisis Center in Rexburg, Idaho: This agency helps people recover from domestic violence and sexual assault from helping with physical needs with a shelter, food and clothes and helping with mental recovery with a crisis line and support groups.